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Best gaming chair with keyboard tray 2021: Keep these 5 points in mind

Before we explore the best gaming chair with keyboard tray, let us talk about some important things that we cannot ignore.

Are you a passionate gamer? Do you spend most of the time in front of a laptop or PC screen?

Today, apart from gaming chairs used by YouTubers and streamers, there is also increasing use for office work and other work.

If you have extra support with a Gaming chair, then it will prove to be the best for you in real.

Extra support can be whatever it is like a gaming chairs with cup holders etc…

Whether you are playing games or working, you need special comfortable features.

Such as a gaming chair with a keyboard tray.

See, today the gaming chair with keyboard and mouse tray is not a luxury or rich thing but has become a necessity.

The need for computer gaming chair with a keyboard tray is because it protects us from back strain and injury, especially when we are doing gaming or office work on a laptop or PC for a long time.

Of Course, gaming chair for back pain are available in the market. If you want you should go through.

The Best gaming chair with keyboard tray helps our arms and body to give proper support and comfort during gaming or work.

So let’s start gaming chair with keyboard tray reviews

Gaming chair with keyboard tray: Do not forget to keep these points in mind

While selecting the chair, one thing must be kept in mind that the chair should be able to manage the weight of the keyboard trays.

I am telling you some important 5 points below, it is very important to take that into consideration.

Keeping these 5 points in mind, you have to select the gaming chair with a tray for the mouse and keyboard.

  1. The base of the chair should be comfortable and should be easily adjusted along with it.
  2. Material should be sturdy and durable
  3. It is necessary to be easy to adjust and easy to customize so that the keyboard tray can be easily adjusted and fit.
  4. Must have an ergonomic design. And the comfort and support level should be great
  5. Last but not least price should be within your budget and value for money

So let’s explore the Best gaming chair with keyboard tray.

1)  Sunter98 OK010 Ergonomic

Best gaming chair with keyboard tray 2021: Keep these 5 points in mind

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Let’s have a quick bite firstly.

Chair Dimensions16.69 × 11.81 × 3.94 inches
Color AvailabilityBlack and Silver Grey
Chair Weight7.48 Pounds
Chair ShapeRound
Material UsedStainless Steel
Thickness1.6 Millimetres
Keyboard Holder Size45 × 22.5 cm
Tray Holding Maximum Capacity20 Kgs
Keyboard Holder85°~ +20°
Mouse Pad48 × 23 cm
Stainless Steel Tube Diameter25mm
Material Included1 Keyboard Holder, 1 Mouse Pad
Material Included1 Mouse Mat, 3 Stainless Steel Tubes

Sturdy and Design

Sunter98 is a solid and sturdy stand. Due to this, it is durable. Along with durability, it’s design is also very good.

Material Used

If we talk about material, it’s made of stainless steel. And it’s diameter is 25 mm.

Swivel and Rotatable

This gaming chair with a tray for mouse and keyboard has swivel feature. gaming chair with keyboard tray with 45 degrees swivel and rotates up to 360 degrees.

Tray Holding Maximum Capacity

 The tray can hold up to 20 Kgs.

Pros and Cons of Sunter98 OK010 Ergonomic

  • Adjustable tray. So your wrist can get proper rest and comfort.
  • Good for laptop or gaming and work
  • Comfortable and not so expensive
  • This is like a DIY product. You need to take care during installing the parts
  • You must ensure that parts fit tightly
  • Some users have a problem like a tray is vibrating while typing

2) ALO Stand Ergonomic Laptop/Keyboard Holder Chair

Best gaming chair with keyboard tray 2021: Keep these 5 points in mind

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Let’s have a quick bite

Chair Dimensions20.87 × 9.84 × 5.51 inches (L×W×H)
Chair Weight7.92 pounds
Color AvailabilitySilver and Black
Holding CapacityLaptop size(10-19″)
Thickness1.96 inches diagonal thickness
Holding CapacityTablet/ iPad Pro (7-13″)
CompatibilityCompatible with any IPAD/IPAD PRO/Tablet
Height Adjustability42-57 cm
Tray Tilt90° up and down


This gaming chair with a tray for mouse and keyboard is comfortable. It enhances your efficiency and fun.

Risk Removal

Due to long hours sitting, it may hurt your shoulder and back. And it may damage your health.

This chair will protect you from these kinds of risks.

Proper Position

To maintain a comfortable position, the gas cylinder is available and it holds your laptop, or keyboard or mouse very properly.

The diagonal thickness is up to 1.96 inches.

Easy to install holder

As far as the holder is concerned, it can be easily attached and detached from the chair.

Tray’s Holding

The tray holds like a boss. I mean the tray holds your keyboard or laptop very tightly so even in the vertical position, it doesn’t fall.

Easy to fold the tray

The tray can be folded easily. It can be folded to the chair and when you are not using the holder, the holder can be pushed away easily.

Pros and Cons of ALO Stand Ergonomic Laptop

  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Protect your shoulder and back
  • Height adjustable holder
  • DIY product. You have to install
  • Some people have issued with small table size keyboard

Conclusion on Best gaming chair with keyboard tray

You can make a meaningful and good decision by selecting the best gaming chair with keyboard tray chair.

The computer gaming chair with keyboard tray should be selected keeping in mind the 5 points that we have seen in this article.

Also, take pros and cons into consideration.

It is important to get protection to your shoulder and back, so do not ignore this thing.

I hope you liked this article.

Thank you all for your valuable time.

Thank You.

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